Why Doesn’t My Filament Stick To The Printing Bed?

3D printing bed
Having problems with filament not sticking to the printing bed
3D printing bed
Having problems with filament not sticking to the printing bed

You have your design all ready to print, you have loaded up the 3D printer, and then the filament doesn’t stick to the printing bed. This is extremely annoying, and in most cases, there is an easy fix. So, I will explain why it doesn’t stick to the printing bed and help make it stick.

The filament may not stick to the printing bed, because its either not hot enough, your levelling is out, or your printing bed might need cleaning or your printing your prints to fast.

These are the three most common issues with filament plastics not sticking to the printing bed. I will go through and show you how to resolve this. It’s the same problem that occurs when your print warps or curls up. See here an article I have written on how to stop your 3D prints from warping or curling.

How to resolve filament not sticking to the printing bed


Ensure that your temperature is set just below the melting temperature of whatever filament you are using. Adjusting the temperature will prevent your designs from cooling too early, resulting in the edges not lifting or pillowing during the print.


Make sure your 3d printer is levelled correctly, go back through the calibration settings and adjust where you can. For example, having an off-balance printer bed can cause pressure on the sides, making your design pull away from the printing bed.


You must always clean your bed after use and before use. Having any foreign objects or dirt will affect your filament and stop it from sticking to the printer bed.

Slow down

Sometimes, if your 3D printer is printing too fast, you’re not giving your bottom layers of the design time to cool. It should become sturdier with each layer providing the right temperature. By slowing down, the print will stick to the bed better and result in cleaner designs. Yes will take longer to print, but at least you won’t have any problems.


I hope the above helps you resolve your designs, not sticking to the print bed. Hopefully, you are on your way to continue your amazing 3D prints.

Happy Printing!

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