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Let’s face it they all do the same thing, they print in 3D, however, some are better than others. We have reviewed several different 3D printers made from brands like Anycubic, Wanhao, Geeetech and many more. They offer a wide range of different prices, sizes, detailed printing, vary in the time it takes to print each design and they use different filaments.

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We love 3D printing and the challenges that are involved. Either making a successful hobby or business out of this relatively new and ever more affordable technology. We’re glad to see you here and hope that you come to see us as your portal. Learning the many exciting aspects of this ever-growing industry. It is our firm belief that we can help you to learn and understand. As well as improve existing skills, whether you’re interested in turning your 3D printing into a hobby, or something more. Here you will find clear and helpful advice. Which we hope will inspire you and help you take the plunge into buying your first 3D printer and getting stuck in making 3d models. We will tell you all about what to expect, what the different types of printers out there. As well as what materials they use and how versatile those materials are. We want to help support anyone enthusiastic about 3D printing. Whether you are a designer, hobbyist or budding entrepreneur, you’ll find something here. We hope you will find our website helpful, and that it guides you towards the level of success that you are seeking.

This 3D Printer is good for someone new to 3D Printing, as long as you don’t mind a slightly steep learning curve

The FLSUN QQ-S printer is perfect for a high-speed printing jobs.


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