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22. Things that you can make with your 3D Printer

By 3D Junkie

22. Cool Things that you can make with your 3D Printer You’ve got a 3D printer? and you’re wondering what to make with a 3D printer? Then here are some things you can make with one.If you’re planning on using it to make things. You might want to keep your end product, or you might…

Lets talk 3D Printing Filaments & get a better understanding

By 3D Junkie

One of the most important considerations when buying a 3D printer is the types of filament it can use. By this point, you are likely narrowing down which 3D printer you are going to buy, but just exactly what is the difference with the various filaments out there? Let’s take a look and see if…

What you need to know before buying a 3D printer

By 3D Junkie

There is an ever-growing number of 3D printers out there, no doubt spurred by the popularity that has grown in recent years. The basic concept of being able to print whatever you have in mind has envisaged this fantastic technology. In the beginning, 3D printers were relatively expensive, but lately, there has been an influx…