What Is PETG Filament? + Why We Love It

PETG filament on a white background with text
What so good about PETG Filament?
PETG filament on a white background with text
What so good about PETG Filament?

It’s great that we have several types of filament to choose from, like ABS, BYLON, PAV, PLA, HIPS, or TPU. Whichever one you use they all have good and bad qualities to them. However, we believe that PETG is one of the best filament you can use, with its glass-like looks it does put an excellent finishing touch on a print. If you are looking to branch out and start using different filament, PETG is one you can’t ignore, let’s find out precisely what is PETG and how it differs to others.

PETG filament known as Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol is a type of material used in 3D printing. PETG has a glass-like finish, it’s known for its durability, safety and ease of use. PETG can withstand the heat of up to 230°C and is also food grade safe.

Now you know what PETG is, let’s delve into it a little more and learn more about PETG filament and determine why it’s one of our favourites.

Is PETG stronger than PLA?

PETG filament is much stronger than PLA, and it can withstand much higher temperatures than PLA filament.

What does the G stand for in PETG?

The G stands for glycol-modified, a transparent amorphous thermoplastic and is used as filament for 3D printing. It gives the print glass-like visual look.

Is PETG filament toxic?

PETG is much safer than PLA filament; it produces no toxic fumes and is harmless. Unlike PLA filament there is cause for concern over the toxicity of it.

Why is PETG filament better than PLA?

  • Stronger and more durable than PLA
  • PETG is Chemical resistant
  • PETG is Acidic resistant
  • PETG is Alkalic resistant
  • Less likely to warp or shrink then PLA
  • Less brittle and more flexible than PLA
  • PETG is less toxic than PLA

Is PETG safe for food?

PETG is food-safe plastic and is approved by the FDA for use. PETG is used widely in the food industry; items such as utensils or food containers. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t pose a risk.

Is PETG watertight?

The filament PETG is watertight and has a powerful moisture barrier. Perfect for 3D designs that may come into contact with steam, water or ice.

Is PETG fire retardant?

The material PETG filament is fire flame retardant and will not catch on fire.

Is PETG safe to drink from?

Since PETG is food-safe plastic, drinking from a 3D design that you have made, like a cup or a bottle will be safe to do so.

Is PETG microwave safe?

Yes, PETG is safe to use in the microwave.

Is PETG filament dishwasher safe?

Yes, PETG is safe to use in the dishwasher, since it can handle much higher heat than the standard filaments. This material makes it perfect for use in the kitchen.

How do you smooth PETG?

The best thing about PETG is that you can smooth your designs using a heat gun, it takes some getting used to, but the finish will be much smoother than using sandpaper.

heat gun, thumbs up and text on a white background
You can use a heat gun

Is PETG filament toxic?

No PETG filament is not toxic; it’s one of the safest filaments that you can use, not only is if approved for food use by the FDA it’s also fire resident.


As you can see, PETG filament is defiantly something to shout about with its glass-like finish, durability, safety and ease of use PETG is one for the future to that will be even more popular among us 3D printers.

Happy Printing!

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