TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer Review

TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer
TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer

Back in 2018, a Chinese manufacturing company brought a revolutionary change in the world of 3D printer world. The manufacturer Tronxy produced a large-format 3D printer named Tronxy X5S. The price of the printer was kept at an unbelievably low £200. The printer had a 330 x 330 x 400 mm build volume and CoreXY frame design. Ardent fans and followers of 3D printers and 3D printing technology unarguably agreed that Tronxy X5S offered a tremendous deal that too at a relatively low price. 

So, there was hardly any shock when the 3D printer became a hot favourite of the tech-nerds across the world. In the stores like the Gearbest and Aliexpress, the 3d printers were selling like hotcakes. 

That does not mean that this printer did not have to face any criticism. While there were thousands of fans of this printer, there was a fair share of critics as well. Some of the reviewers and users reported that they faced some serious issues while assembling the printer with the help of the DIY kit. Some of the problems included heated base temperature, outdated version of the Marlin Framework, and broken acrylic Z mounts.  

As the reviewers started to point out these issues of the 3D printer shortly after the release of the machine, the manufacturer scrambled to address them. They added metal Z-axis mounts and a handful of other features that the users thought would be useful. Recently, Tronxy has refined the large format FDM machine, which helped the Tronxy X5SA Pro machine to come to life.

In the following section of this article, we will be checking into the features of the 3D printers and will analyse all the upgrades that it got. If you are one of the 3D printer enthusiasts, then check the following section of this article carefully to know more about this unique 3D printing machine. 


TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer Features
TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer Features

At first glance, it would be not easy to differentiate the Tronxy X5SA Pro from its predecessors. The printer has the same core frame design and a generous 330 x 330 x 400 mm build volume.

However, looks can be deceiving. The manufacturers have put quite some effort to upgrade this 3D printer. They have improved the frame of the machine, made some changes under the hood and added some new features as well. 

To understand how the TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer is different from the Tronxy X5S printers, we have to compare them. Let’s do it. 

More Metal Less Issues

One of the most notable and perhaps the best upgrades that one can spot in the new 3D printing machine is the improvement of the frame design. Most of the time, the users complained about the acrylic mounts of the previous versions of the 3D printers. The reviewers stated that the mounts were too fragile and are very prone to breakage. 

In the new Tronxy X5SA Pro, the manufacturers addressed this issue and solved this problem completely. They replaced most of the thermoplastic parts of the printer with metal components. 

According to one review found on the internet, the new avatar of the 3D printer comes with a total of four different acrylic parts. The manufacturers have built the rest of the machine with sheet metal and aluminium. 

The manufacturers have also added an integrated double axis guide rail. This rail has improved the precision as well as the stability of the 3d printer compared to the previous versions.

However, it should be noted that the Tronxy X5SA Pro still comes with a DIY kit. That means the users have to spend about three to five hours to assemble the printer. It has the potential to scare off any novice level users. 

However, if you can keep your head cool and follow the instruction manual by heart, you will be able to make the 3D printer. There are also many videos available on the internet that can guide you to do that.

User-Friendly Features

Automatic Leveling component
Automatic Leveling component

Aside from the improvements in the designs, the new Tronxy X5SA Pro also comes with an excellent array of features that one can find in the older TRONXY X5S printer models as well. However, these features, Which the manufacturers included in the new model, will make the overall usage process easier. That means this machine is perfect for both the experienced and knowledgeable users as well as the beginners. 

Despite its low price range, the new model of Tronxy 3D printers comes with an auto-levelling sensor. There is no doubt you would not find another 3D printer with this feature in this price range. It is the feature which makes the bed levelling process far easier to deal with, compared to the older models. 

The detachable print-bed enables the users to remove the printed 3D models quickly once the printing process is over. The users have to snap off the print and snap on the bed to complete the entire process. 

Other fascinating features that the Tronxy X5SA Pro has acquired from its older models include the print resume feature that safeguards the users from the power outages. Filament run-out detection is yet another feature that has been integrated into this new model of 3D printer. 

Titan Extruder and Other Upgraded Accessories

Upgraded components
Upgraded components

The most crucial difference between the TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer and the Tronxy X5S is the addition of the Titan extruder. The tighter filament path of this new extruder allows the users to print different materials using flexible products, like TPU.

The manufacturers further indicated that the new model of the 3D printing machine also has an undated touch screen display. The 3.5 inches display makes it easier for users to navigate through the printing process. It also helps the users to have a cleaner printing surface. 

The wiring design integrated into the new model keeps the users away from facing problems of a messy web. It ensures that the users have a clean and direct connection in the printer. The Tronxy 5XSA pro 3d printer also comes with a 24V power supply. This power supply solves any issues relating to the length of time for heating the printing bed, which was a common problem for the original version of the machine. 

Last but not least, you can use an SD card as well as USB for uploading 3D models to the printer. In the new model of Tronxy 5XSA Pro, it is also possible for the users to print using Wi-Fi. However, the users will have to buy the module and install it separately. 

Difference between TRONXY X5S 3D Printer and the New Model

Power Failure Component
Power Failure

There is no doubt that Tronxy X5SA Pro and the older version of it share a lot of the perks. You can get the features like filament run-out, auto-levelling, printing volume etc. in both of these two models. However, the smaller changes in the newer model have helped these features to perform better.

For starters, the double guide rail of the Tronxy X5SA is said to provide more stability, which helps the user to make more accurate prints. The addition of the extra metal components improved the sturdiness of the overall design of the frame. It solved the problem that users used to report about the acrylic parts of the printing machine. 

The Titan extruder is yet another fantastic feature that comes with the latest 3D printer model of Tronxy. This feature helps the users to print with the help of a more extensive list of the 3D printing filaments. This extruder enables the users to use flexible materials, like TPU, while printing the models. 

Product Specifications

Color: Black

Ean: 0699993176481

Grit Material: Aluminum sheet, sheet metal

Material: Aluminum sheet, sheet metal,

Part Number: TRONXY X5SA Pro

UNSPSC Code: 27000000

Cost of the 3D Printer

The price of the Tronxy X5SA Pro is a bit more than its predecessors. Depending on the stores you are buying from, the prices of this 3D printing machine can vary from £300 to £500. While the price might seem a bit steep to the users, the reviewers have already expressed their satisfaction over the latest upgrades. According to the reviews, the addition of the Titan extruder and the upgraded frame of the new printer is worth the extra money. 

The Blemishes

Even though the improvements of the 3D printer have caught the attention of all, reviewers still found some problems. Poor quality control is one of the most significant issues of this printer. It, sometimes, results in missing parts and the inconsistent quality of the product. Another problem that the users have faced is related to the documentation. The users have pointed out that the documentation that comes with this product can sometimes be too confusing. It makes assembling of the printer a daunting task for the first time users. 

Now that you know all the details of the new TRONXY X5SA 3D Printer, whether you should invest in it or not depends entirely on your needs. If you require larger printing volume but need the higher quality printed models at the same time, then you should invest in the newer model. The price might be a bit high, but there is no doubt that this 3D printer is the best in its class. Even though it still has some problems, the positives of the printer are worth overlooking.

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