The Copymaster 3D Pro Review – 50Microns Of Precision!

Copymaster 3D Pro
Copymaster3D Pro

The Copymaster 3D Pro is a fantastic machine all of us at 3D Junkie enjoy using it! It is comfortable smooth and never fails even on the more in-depth 3d moulds. Over the years, we have used many different 3D printers and believe that the Copymaster 3D is up there with the best.

This Copymaster 3D review will explain to you all you need to know about this machine; we have listed all the techie stuff. But more importantly, we are going to reveal why we rave about this machine!

The Copymaster 3D

Easy to assemble and great the beginners because of its simple design and LCD screen! The Copymaster 3D is a new coming to the 3d printing world and has become one of Amazons best sellers! It’s not the cheapest model, but we believe that paying that extra bit can give you a product that produces the best moulds every time!

The Technical Stuff!

  • Manufacturer: Copymaster
  • Sizing: 300x300x400mm
  • Weight: 17.2 Kg
  • Pricing: 399 to 699
  • User feedback: Great
Copymaster 3D Pro info

What Are The Model Types?

Copymaster 3D Pro - view from the side
Copymaster 3D Side View

You have three versions of the Copymaster 3D Printer to choose. Small, medium and large. If you’re looking to make more significant parts or accessories and have space, then we would suggest you select the 500mm model. The price, range change depending on the size you order:

  1. First Model (300 x 300 x 400mm) – 499
  2. Second Model (400 x 400 x 400mm) – 599
  3. Third Model (500 x 500 x 500mm) – 699

Having that extra size can make all the difference to the size of your moulds. We own the bigger version and found it was easy to store and at the same time big enough for all our CAD designs!

Other Features

Copymaster 3D Pad
Copymaster 3D Pad

Another point to make about the Copymaster Pro 3D is its variety of filaments and straight out of the box use! There is no need to buy extra parts for different printing types because it provides an all in one package!

Providing you with 50microns of printing precision that help with intricate designs! Having 50microns at your disposal will make a massive difference to the finished product.

  • Accuracy: 50microns
  • Sensors: Run-out as standard
  • Plate: Magnetic and easy to remove

Inspiration & Creator

The UK made a product ( that easy to assemble and straight out of the box use! Tim Gray, who designed this model, wanted to make it easy for you to have an all-round 3D printer at your disposal. He is passionate about 3D printing and very active in the industry, so we are sure you will hear this name again!

Final Review

Our final review of the Copymaster 3D is excellent, we have had the model for a few months now and can confirm it to be the best value for money so far! Having the 50microns of precession was an added benefit for a model in this price range.

Comparing this model with other brands on the web, you cannot buy this performance for under £800. We encourage our readers to try this model and experience the moulds first hand because it is smooth, quiet and precise!

Happy Printing 🙂

Copymaster 3D Pro Review 399
Copymaster3D Pro

Product Name: Copymaster 3D Pro

Product Description: The Copymaster 3D Pro is our most favourable 3d printer currently on the market. Its priced well for the smoothness and set up especially for beginners. It is capable of printing tricky and detailed moulds!

Brand: Copymaster

SKU: cop1

MPN: cop1

Offer price: 499

Currency: £

Availability: InStock

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Valid until: 01/16/2025

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