Sparkmaker SLA 3D Resin Printer Review!

Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer with UV-protective translucent cover

We found that the SparkMaker 3d printer is lightweight, compact, beautiful and extremely easy to use. Well, this has got to be the simplest lightweight printer that we have reviewed, however, does it live up to the standards of high-quality printers on today’s competitive market.

The Sparkmaster
The Sparkmaster

In this review, we will be going through the pros and cons of the Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer and what makes it an overall affordable superb 3d printer suited to any office or home.

Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer lightweight

Firstly, what shocked us was the weight of the model. When it first arrived, and the exciting unpacking commenced. We had a feeling, that just maybe it was missing some parts, perhaps during the packing process, they missed the resin tray or maybe the outta case.

Nope! turned out it’s just very light. “Think of three small-sized bags of sugar!” So, anyway it turned out that all the components were there and wasn’t missing any parts. The reason why it is so light is that it’s mainly made of plastic, and only a few inner parts of the printer is metal.

Be in the know-how of each stage of the print!

We liked the fact that you know exactly what stage your prints are at with the big LED button on the front, it has three colour statuses to indicate the printing progress. Blue, red and green!

The functions
The functions

Quality of the prints

We are firm believers there is completely no point whatsoever in buying a 3d printer with a poor-quality finish, however good your designs are.

With all that hard work, and the planning just to end up and have an embarrassing poor design it’s not good enough. Check out some of the finishes below, here is perfect proof you can get the smooth finish with the Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer.

As you can see the edges are nice and smooth and the detail is nicely visible. We believe it’s to do with using the SLA filament the finish is much better which gives you a more detailed finish than an FHD filament. The only downside is the design plates are usually smaller. As it is in this case.

example prints
example prints

The SmartMaker SLA resin is affordable at £41 however the good thing about this machine is that it can accept other manufacturers resin and you’re not just forced to buy their brand each time.

Sparkmaker LCD-N
Sparkmaker LCD-N

Techie stuff

SparkMaker uses their own control board unlike most that use the Raspberry Pi or other open-source boards, they really have thought of the whole product.

The unit also uses high precision linear guides instead of plain shaft guides and high-quality stainless steel T2 screws. These are very important factors as to how and why it’s so cost-effective but still has a precise dimensional accuracy


The techie Stuff!
The techie Stuff!


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Assembled ready to use
  • Downloadable software for designs “Software Sparkstudio”
  • Price – affordable
  • Quick and easy to print
  • High-resolution prints
  • Can work offline using a memory card
  • Compact, if you’re looking to make smaller 3d models


  • Area of build is small
  • Studio software is only downloadable on android and MAC/Windows platforms only
  • Can take time to cure after built

“This simplicity of the machine is of a great design!” 

3D Junkie!
Its simple yet impressive!
Its simple yet impressive!
Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer Breakdown! 299
The Sparkmaster

Product Name: Sparkmaster SLA

Product Description: The Sparkmaker SLA 3D Printer is a compact small but highly detailed printer. We were extremely impressed with this model and the lightweight easy setup!

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