QIDI Technology X-PRO Review

QIDI Technology X-PRO
QIDI Technology X-PRO

In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, there is a company named Qidi Technology that produces exceptional 3D printers for the users. The fused deposition modelling (FDM) of the printers of Qidi Technology is perfect for the semi-professionals and hobbyists. The price tag of £550 makes the printers of Qidi Technology as one of the most affordable high-grade 3D printers of the market. The dual extrusion models of QIDI Technology X-PRO has made the printers as one of the favourites of the users across the world. The X-pro model is an upgrade from the Qidi Tech I, which was made following the classic Makerbot replicator. 

Now the question is, whether the fantastic price range of the X-Pro model is worth its ability and performance, or whether it is a bargain that no one should miss at any cost? 

Lets find out

In the following section of this article, we will be talking about the features of the printer and why it makes it so unique. We will also see the impact of the features on the overall performance of the device. If you are thinking about buying an X-Pro printer of Qidi yourself, or if you are just a 3D printer enthusiast, you better not miss the following stimulating discussion about this printer.

Feature Check

So, the question is, what makes the X-Pro so unique? We should check the specification of the device to find out the answer to that question. Let’s find out.

  • 4-sided turbofan
  • Dual direct-drive extruder
  • Removable build plate
  • Enclosed build space

Dual Extruder System

A Dual Extruder
Dual Extruder

The Qidi Tech X-One 2 had only one nozzled dual extruder system. The X-pro model, on the other hand, offers a dual extruder system that comes with dual nozzles. It enabled the device to perform tasks like printing ABS, PLA, and PETG. 

The QIDI Technology X-PRO model comes with a 1.75 mm filament which is fed directly into the direct drive extrusion system, which is located on the print head of the machine. During the printing process, the print cooling is conducted by the air-blow turbofan. These fans are designed in such a way that it encircles the nozzles. This positioning of the fans helps them to cool the nozzles from all four sides of the system. 

The fans, however, do not come mounted when the machine gets delivered to you. You have to position the fans yourself while setting up the printer. Indeed, it might seem a bit of a daunting task; however, the user manual that comes with the device will help you to figure it out. If that does not seem enough, you should check the videos available online to get direct guidance throughout the entire process.

Magnetic Built Plate

The built volume of the Qidi Tech X-Pro model is around 230 x 150 x 150 mm. So, if you have any idea about the volume space it creates, you should understand that compared to other devices in the field, the build volume of the X-pro printing model is pretty small. Also, the users must level the bed manually to get the best performance. 

The X-pro model comes with a 6 mm thick aviation-grade heatable plate along with a magnetic build plate that is entirely removable. This bed is very sophisticated and can be compared to the steel bed of the Prusa. However, the bed is more robust than the magnetic bed that comes with most budget devices. The quality of bed adhesion is excellent, which ensures precise performance from the device. 

The magnets of the bed are quite strong. This strength helps it to hold the print bed securely in place while you apply some force onto it. While this feature is great for printing the perfect models, once the printing process is over, you might have to use some power for removing the place from its place. 

To easily remove the printed model from the printing bed of the Qidi Tech X-Pro printer, you have to bend the plate outward and inward. Once you use this feature of this printer, you will instantly understand how lacking the other printers are in this regard. 

Dedicated Slicing Software

QIDI Technology X-PRO Slicing Software
QIDI Technology X-PRO Slicing Software

Qidi Tech X-Pro uses proper slicing software for precision. Known as Qidi Print, the software is suspiciously similar to that of the Cura 3.X version. However, there is no doubt that the software is very easy to use in both the customizable options or the auto slice function. You can get the software for both the windows as well as the MacOs. 

The USB stick, which comes with the device, contains information about the test objects as well as the software. You can also find the tutorial files over here. The Qidi Print software is specially configured for the Qidi Tech X-Pro device. That means slicing through the files and getting the printer started will be a matter of minutes for most people. 


Setting up the QIDI Technology X-PRO is more or less painless except for one thing. You will not find any related tutorials or how-tos on the website of Qidi. All the instruction manuals, as well as the tutorials, are provided in the USB stick that the company offers along with the device. Also, the user has to level the printing bed manually. 

The two tests that were conducted to check the quality of the performances of the Qidi Tech X-Pro printers offered us with mixed results. There is no denying that the physical dimensions of the test objects were outstanding. However, the visual observation of the printed materials revealed many flaws. 

It seemed that the slicer settings that came with the machine are not optimal for it—saying that the printer is very user-friendly. Even a beginner can set it up, slice a model of their choice, and start printing. 

The Advantages of Qidi Tech X-Pro Printer

Great Design and Solid Construction

The quality component and the solid aluminium construction are one of the factors that make the Qidi Tech X-Pro different from the rest of them. The robust hardware of the device is responsible for the remarkable stability that the printer shows. It ultimately improves the quality of the print. 


Another positive thing is that the device comes to your doorstep in mostly a semi-assembled condition. So, the users can start printing models of their choices within hours of opening the box of the device. 

Enclosed build space

The enclosed build space of the device offers excellent control over the temperature. As the door magnetically seals to the machine, it makes it substantially easy to open and close the door. The turbofans of the device make sure that your model gets efficient and even cooling. 

Removable Build Platform

showing the removing of plate
Removable Plate

As we have told earlier, this is an exceptional feature of this printer. It makes the removal of the printed models substantially easier as well. The flexibility of the printing plate allows the user to bend it slightly so that the printed model can get removed easily. Another extraordinary factor is that the model sticks onto the platform pretty well without any glue or other aids. 

Breakpoint Printing

It is one of the most efficient benefits of using the Qidi Tech X-Pro printers. This feature ensures that if you face the problems of a power outage while you are in the middle of printing something, your entire effort does not get wasted. The X-Pro printers can continue the printing process right where it got interrupted once your power gets back. 

Easy Handling

3D Printer Touch Screen
QIDI Technology X-PRO Touch Screen

The Qidi Tech X-Pro printers come with a large and coloured 4.3-inch touchscreen display. This large display makes it easier for the user to operate and adjust the printers easily. 

Wi-Fi Connection

You can connect your Qidi Tech X-Pro printer with the wifi network of your home. The intelligent networking system not only saves a lot of your time but also helps you to keep an eye on the printing process through your PC monitoring interface. 

The Disadvantages

Basic Filament Options

As the metal extruders are Qidi Tech X-Pro are not made with metal, it limits the highest temperature of the device to only 250C. That restricts your choice of filaments to only the ABS and PLA. 

While almost every beginner and educators use these two filaments, it does not create many issues for them. However, the experienced users expected something better in the field of filaments from such a professional-grade machine. 

Thankfully, there are options for the experienced user to change the existing extruders into all-metal ones so that they can use the different types of filaments, like nylon. 

Manual Bed Levelling

We have mentioned this problem quite a few times in this article. Now is the perfect opportunity to explain why we think it is a problem. Manual Levelling, the printing bed, is a tedious job. Most premium 3D printing machines of better quality comes with the automated bed levelling feature. As the Qidi Tech X-Pro does not come with the elements, you have to level the bed every time it becomes unaligned manually.

Product information & technical details

  • Item no.: QD-X000TJV5VX
  • Manufacturer No.: X000TJV5VX
  • Manufacturers: Qidi Tech
  • Content: 1 pc
  • Product types: 3D Printers
  • Printing Technology: FFF – FDM – LPD
  • Printer Display: Touch Display
  • Supporting Operating Systems: Windows (7 +), Mac OS X (10.7 +)
  • Extruder: Double
  • Interfaces: USB – Connection, WIFI – WLAN, LAN
  • Supported Formats: STL, OBJ
  • Heated building board: Yes
  • Printing speed: > 100 mm/s
  • Filament Diameter: 1,75 mm
  • Building platform : 230 x 150 x 150 mm


All in all, the QIDI Technology X-PRO is a robust and precise 3D printer whose only fault is that it did not live up to the marketing. As the technology has substantially evolved these days, the professional printers are expected to come with specific features. It is where the X-Pro lacks the most. While the printer showcases some of the modern features, like the wifi connectivity and flashy touch screen, it completely ignores the others, like the automatic bed levelling. Overall, this 3D printer is a robust product that offers a substantial upgrade from its competitors.

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