NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer UV Photocuring Resin Printer: Hands-On Review

Do you feel a bit out-smarted at school, when your friend puts up a perfect project with outstanding finishing? Or just missed a scope for promotion at the office as your rival brings up an excellent presentation with 3D printed graphics and charts?


Well, if you are feeling so right now, and have some money to spare for the purpose, then look up! Here is the perfect thing for you.

Well, to start with, you need to get hold of the latest NOVA3D BENE4 Resin 3D printers. 

Stereolithography or advanced light handling tech is being used in resin 3D printers, from a liquid sap polymer to create 3D models. In 1986 Stereolithography was imagined as the principal 3D innovation, and the patent was allowed. In the late 1980s, these 3D systems gained popularity. 

Resin 3D printer – what is that?

The technology of light to fix fluid into sap layers is being used with the help of these 3D printers for printing. An LCD screen is used as the cheapest form to sparkle a UV picture into the sap to make a firm layer. To put the following layer at a place the print bed ascends. 

NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer Accessories!
NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer Accessories!

It helps to print an acceptable detailed mesmerising model and creates a high standard filament printer. A complete item needs significantly less post-handling management, and it becomes a final product with zero error.


There are many 3D printers in the market, and the selection can be perplexed. If you are a particular person about choosing electronic items, then NOVA 3D BENE4 3D PRINTER is the one you are searching for within a budget-friendly price fulfilling all your demands. NOVA 3D is a Chinese company. It has already produced the 3D printers, and this new version of NOVA 3D Bene4 printer is something extraordinary.

So, what is the solution?

From the NOVA3D BENE4 review, you get to see NOVA3D Bene4 introduces its next-gen 3D printer for all purposes. It is the ultimate beast with a stunning performance. This beast has a beautiful body that you can both admire and credit for your performance upliftment.

Here are the Features

NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer Specs!
NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer Specs!

This beauty offers the following features. Behold to be mesmerized.

1. The body of the NOVA3D Bene4 LCD printer is full-metal. It improves the machine quality and enhances printing stability. The design of the adapted ball slider is such that it dramatically lessens the shaking of the print platform. This provides you with more stable and precise prints.

2. For the convenient of customers, the printer offers a hood open and flip design. This provides stability to the structure and saves a lot of space. This solves the common space problem of a household. Easily avoid scratches in the middle of FEP and the table. The quick-release design of the LCD screen simplifies the maintenance process. Even replacing the 2K screen is pretty quick.

3. Once you go through the NOVA3D BENE4 review, you know that Bene4 comes with a 4.3-inch high-resolution capacitive touch screen. The interface is highly intuitive, makes it easy to monitor or operate.

4. The tech industry is making rapid progress. This printer allows you with Offline or Wi-Fi printing. You can go to Wireless transmission printing. Bene4 has a solution for that as well. There are multiple connections for one to choose from, which enables you to print at any time and anywhere. Bene4 has taken care to reduce noise. With Bene4 you can also print at night.

5. This product permits you to print a model with amazingly fine detail.

Handling and Leveling

BENE4 is relatively easy to level compared to other brands. Only three steps are there, which will give you your desired results. The steps are as follows:

  • Loosen the fixing screw on the steel ball
  • Go down the platform
  • Lock the screws, and then it’s levelled. The uniformity of the UV energy is increased by 10%. Meanwhile, it will save 8% power consumption.

Other Advantages

1. UV Photocuring – High-intensity ultraviolet light is used. A small change in range of UV light power on the UV screen, the quality of the UV energy is increased by 10% and 8% lower power consumption comparing to its previous version NOVA 3D BENE3. 

2. Stability and Error-Free – The body is entirely made up of metal to improve the quality and printing techniques. The design of the ball slider is such that it practically lessens the vibration of the printing platform while in motion. Hence, the printing process becomes more stable, detailed, and error-free. 

3. Resin Printer – The NOVA3D BENE4 review says that it uses an ultraviolet light source to cure liquid UV resin into a solid. It provides superb quality because the laser decides fine details, which lead to exact, high-quality print jobs, also offer better final results. 

Product Details

Here are the product details that will give you a good idea about the appearance of this beauty with brain.

  • Brand Name – NOVA3D
  • Model Number – B4
  • Part Number – NOVA3D BENE4
  • UNSPSC Code – 40100000  
  • Product Dimensions – 38 x 30 x 49 cm
  • Boxed-product Weight – 11.1 Kg
  • ASIN – B085NSF4FY 

One downside is that it uses a large build area. This can be overlooked if the fantastic set of features is taken into consideration. The printer is fully assembled. So setting it up for first print is a breeze. It’s astonishingly well-built for a printer that’s so work-friendly and budget-friendly. 


If you are considering a 3D printer that would be best for your business, you can go for NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer. From the NOVA3D BENE4 review, it’s clear that you can surely invest in it. 

Hurry up grab the new and amazing NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer and revolutionize your research with its world-class technology with precision.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to get the best printer for your work station.

Go for this NOVA3D BENE4 3D Printer today!

Happy Printing 😉

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