A Review of FLSUN QQ-S 90% Pre-Assembled Delta 3D Printer

Hey! There is some good news for the seasoned 3D printing experts. Now, you can say goodbye to traditional 3D printers with low print speed.

FLSUN QQ-S 90%Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer
FLSUN QQ-S 90%Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer

Say hello, to the new-age 3D printer – the FLSUN QQ-S Delta 3D Printer. Before you go through the FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer review, let me tell you that this printer is slightly upgraded from its predecessor – the FLSUN QQ. For instance, it comes with a print bed that doesn’t move. The bed is made of high-strength lattice composite coating, which reduces the chance of warping. The FLSUN QQ-S 3D printer is perfect for a high-speed printing job. This printer is being sold on Amazon for £329.00, which makes it pretty affordable.

Are you new to the world of 3D printers? Don’t worry! This post will tell you why there is so much buzz about Delta 3D printers. Once you go through this post, you will know if this printer fits the bill or not.

Different Forms

Most of you, who are reading this post at this point, must be well-aware of the Delta printer. In the world of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers, one gets to see different shapes of 3D printers, such as Delta or Polar or Cartesian. We became familiar with the Desktop FDM 3D printers only over the last few years. However, the designs of these FDM printers have gone through a profound change. The rectangular, boxy shape printers have given way to more sophisticated design.

FLSUN QQ-S Delta 3d Printer Breakdown!
FLSUN QQ-S Delta 3d Printer Breakdown!

Delta 3D Printers   

Among the different styles of 3D printers available in the market, one printer that has grabbed our attention is the Delta 3D printer. Well, one of the significant features of this printer is its circular print bed. There is no chance of mistaken identity. The three arms in a triangular configuration hold the extruder above the print bed.

Generally, the Delta printers are synonymous with speed and print accuracy. The FLSUN QQ-S Delta 3D Printer is not an exception. It stands true to its name and offers high-speed printing.

To Buy It or Not 

You can go through the FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer Review to understand if it’s suitable for your business purpose or not. Usually, its application area is vast. It is ideal for making complex architectural models; quick proofing for industrial production; in medical applications like organ model visualization; and for creating DIY models.

Here are some basic specifications that you need to take a look:

  • Brand: FLSUN
  • Boxed-Product Weight: 12 Kg
  • Technology: FDM/FFF
  • Assembling: 90% Pre-Assembled
  • Printer Size: 290 x 350 x 800 mm
  • Printing Speed: 30-300mm/s
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi, SD

New Features Added To the FLSUN QQ-S

I was wondering, how the FLSUN QQ-S is different from its predecessor? For this, you will need to go through the FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer reviewSo without wasting much time, let’s take a look into the new features of this printer.

Lattice Bed

First of all, one gets to see a brand new Lattice Platform in FLSUN’s QQ-S model. The high-quality lattice composite covering enables quick heating and less twisting. Moreover, it also offers a reliable fastening during the print and to be taken off, when the print is finished, and the bed gets cooled.

According to the manufacturer, the print bed of the machine warms up to 100c in less than 5 minutes; thereby, allowing the filaments to be used properly. High tech glass beds for 3D printers are quite appealing these days. However, you won’t need to move the bed. All you need to do is to set the auto-level feature of the bed and enjoy seamless printing.

Titan Extruder

Another innovation that FLSUN has brought into the new QQ-S model is the Titan Extruder. This is an important feature, which you can’t miss out on. The extruder comes with a 0.4mm extrusion nozzle; however, it also supports 0.2mm and 0.3mm nozzles to get fine prints. Well, if you check other FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer review posts, you will see the same viewpoint. This printer supports all standard filaments for printing, such as wood, ABS PLA, and PVA. It also helps flexible materials and also HIPS materials.

32-Bit Motherboard 

The brain of any 3D printer is its controller board. Its job is to arrange elements, such as the extruder, sensors, heated bed, and motor. The QQ-S comes equipped with the 32-Bit motherboard and MOS module. It ensures stable prints at high speed.

Other Core Features

  • Full Metal Frame: 3D Printing veterans don’t need to go through the FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer review to tell that this printer is wholly made of stainless steel. So with less teetering, you get more accurate prints.
  • Boot and Print: Accidental power failure is very disgusting. Not to worry! When power resumes, boot and continue printing the models. Your filament won’t get into waste.
  • Cooling: Now, keeping the printing machine cool is easy. The FLSUN QQ-S Delta 3D printer comes with a robust cooling system. Thus, it prevents overheating.
  • Control: The WiFi Remote Control of the QQ-S 3D printer allows you to monitor your prints from anywhere.


  • New Auto Leveling System: It makes it easy to ensure that the printing bed is on the level when you put something on print. This would help you to get accurate prints every time.
  • Quiet Printing: Say goodbye to noisy printers! You can carry out your printing quietly.
  • Stability: The 32-bit controller offers more stability and faster printing.
  • Touchscreen: The touchscreen is very intuitive. Hence, you will love the smooth navigation.
  • Installation: 90% of the printer is assembled. Hence, installing the rest is very easy.


You might get other printers within this budget; however, going by its vast field of applications, this printer would continue to surprise you from time to time. While summing up the FLSUN QQ-S 3D Printer review, I feel that these fantastic features make this printer an excellent choice for the 3D Printing veterans.

Happy Printing 😉

FLSUN QQ-S 90% Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer 329.00
FLSUN QQ-S 90%Pre-assembled Delta 3d Printer

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